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In the municipality of Klippan you will find many different kinds of accommodation, everything from hotels, Bed and breakfasts to campsites. Simply put something for everyone. Here you will find the accommodations Klippan has to offer.

Hotell Klippan
In the town Centre.
Phone: +46 (0)435-120 10
E-mail: reception@hotellklippan.se

Fastarp, Östra Ljungby.
Guesthouse with restaurant and coffee shop. Also houses shops and a park.
Phone: +46 (0)435-211 99, reception
Website: www.hillesgarden.seexternal link
E-mail: info@hillesgarden.se

Bonnarps Hjortgård
Bonnarp, Ljungbyhed.
Bed and breakfast with locally produced deer products.
Phone: +46 (0)435-44 01 65 / +46 (0)708-140 165
Website: www.bonnarpshjort.seexternal link
E-mail: bonnarpshjort@telia.com

Hunseröds Bed and Breakfast
Stay in a remodeled stable at this beautiful farmhouse.
Phone: +46 (0)435-77 04 28
Website: www.hunserod.seexternal link
E-mail: info@hunserod.se

Mattisgårdens Bed and Breakfast
Bläsinge Ängar, Östra Ljungby.
Comfertable rooms in different sizes with access to a kitchenette. Lighter meals are available to guests.
Phone: +46 (0)435-210 71
Website: www.mattisgarden.seexternal link
E-mail: info@mattisgarden.se

Stora Mölla
Källna, Klippan.
Bed and breakfast.
Phone: +46 (0)435-212 33 / +46 (0)70-22 90 517
E-mail: storamolla@hotmail.com

Pensionat Söderåsen
Skäralid, Ljungbyhed.
Bed and breakfast and apartments. Söderåsens nationalpark is a short walk away.
Phone: +46 (0)722 -47 7444
Website: www.pensionatsoderasen.seexternal link
E-mail: info@pensionatsoderasen.se

Skäralids Camping & Vandrarhem
Söderåsens Nationalpark. 
Traditional hostel, situated right next to Söderåsens nationalpark. Rental bikes.
Phone: +46 (0)70-244 20 85
Website: www.skaralid.comexternal link
E-mail: info@skaralid.com

Klöva Hallar.
Cottage dating back to the 1700s. Situated at the foot of the Söderåsenridge.
Phone: +46 (0)435-191 18
E-mail: ginamills63@yahoo.com.au

Elfdalens Camping
Family friendly campsite.
Phone: +46 (0)435-146 78
E-mail: elfdalens.camping@telia.com

Lilla Trulla Gårdshotell
Small hotel with 2 double rooms and 1 appartment.
Phone: +46 (0)767-95 37 25
E-mail: info@lillatrulla.com 

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Tourist information office
Phone +46 (0)435 282 00
E-mail: turism@klippan.se

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